Wayfinding Solutions from Kirlin

Kirlin’s NightLights (which direct light to the floor) and StepLights (which project light forward to illuminate steps/stairwells) are available many formats: louvered, lensed, vandal resistant, wet location, thru-the-wall, color-specific, photocell-sensored, square, rectangular, and round, just to name a few. Our sconces are ADA-compliant, with optional color filters that provide a delightful edge glow to match any customer’s color scheme. Branding, logos, or wayfinding instructions can also be incorporated in the center field, making the Kirlin sconce a versatile option for both decoration and direction.

With all illumination, but especially wayfinding products, color is crucial. Using Kirlin's -RA red/amber filter helps to promote sleep and melatonin production in dormitories, barracks, and bedrooms.


Are you looking to install top-of-the-line nightlights, steplights, or wall sconces for an upcoming project?