Turtle-Safe & Dark Sky Luminaires

Each year, thousands of sea turtles are affected by the use of traditional lighting along coastlines around the world. While white light can disorient new hatchlings and disrupt their natural response to the moon at night, shielded long-wavelength amber light in 590nm has been shown to provide adequate illumination for human inhabitants while protecting the young sea turtles.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) is dedicated to providing a safer habitat for nesting sea turtles, by promoting fixture designs that will not impact this threatened species. Kirlin’s FWC-approved long-wavelength luminaires have an added benefit as well: their compliance with dark sky ordinances has led to many Shoreview installations quite a ways inland from nesting sea turtles, in environments where people gaze upwards to marvel at the sky.

Dark Sky protection is a growing concern around the world, but especially at astronomical observatories like this one, illuminated by downlight TRR-08170


Are you looking for a turtle-safe or dark-sky-supporting downlight, wall pack, or night light?