The Trusted LED Luminaire & Remote Driver System

Large venues often require a lighting system with higher mountings directly over permanent seating or water features — a configuration that is incredibly difficult to install and maintain. These spaces demand high fixture output and long life, with minimal service and downtime. Excellent color rendering is mandatory, as well as sophisticated dim-to-black capabilities. The solution: Kirlin’s Symphony series with conveniently located remote DMX or 0-10V drivers and 32 recessed, surface, and wall-mounted LED luminaires.

DMX House Light System

Using Kirlin's remote-mounted Symphony DMX power supply and 36 downlights delivering 4000L, this auditorium is beautifully lit with precise DMX control. Drivers and emergency power are conveniently located in the AV Room, with just 36 "Class 2" low voltage cable runs over the audience.


Are you looking for a reliable, turn-key, remote driver lighting solution for an upcoming project?