Choice Series Premier LED Luminaires

Crafting a beautiful and functional space requires beautiful and functional illumination. The Choice Series of Timeless and Specialty luminaires from Kirlin is designed to provide the necessary features to meet any project’s desired aesthetic and performance. Specifiable shape, output, color temperature, CRI, distribution, controls, environmental listings (including ISO 5 / Class 100 cleanroom, NSF, IP65, and IP66) and emergency options put the world of Kirlin quality at your fingertips.


Each luminaire design begins with the hallmarks of Kirlin value — a "Gold Standard" fixture housing, serviceable and sustainable construction, and optimized Chip-on-Board LED placement for optical control. From there, the combinations of shape, output, color, distribution, and other options are nearly endless.

Engineered to give designers a breadth of choices in specifying LED luminaires, the Choice Series comprises 20 products with tens of millions of possible configurations.


Are you looking for a reliable, top-of-the-line architectural lighting solution for an upcoming project?